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About Kirk Baker

I love to create. I’m a life long surfer that caught the surfing bug on a trip to  Waikiki in 1968.   I brought the Aloha Spirit back to California with me and been stoked on surfing ever since.  Being creative minded I first started glassing boards that I would have shaped by local shapers. My first was a rounded pin from Rick James. After watching him shape I took that and started shaping my own boards. Yes. All in my parents garage.

Through out the years I have had the pleasure knowing several famous shapers that have influenced my ideas and designs.   Rick James, Skip Frye,  and Dick Brewer have been my biggest influences.  If you are  looking for a board that has some retro characteristics blended into the more modern designs I would love to shape you that custom board. Or if you have an old board that you would like to re-create. Im at your service. Check out some of the boards on this website to see examples.

I also do custom fine art pieces of wavescapes if your interested. Just contact me direct and will go from there.



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